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How to get Airdrop digital cryptocurrency for free

How to get Airdrop digital cryptocurrency for free

Airdrop is the free distribution of digital cryptocurrency or codes of tokens for the number of members ranging from several to those who use currency and often it is a currency distribution or a company symbol is appropriate to win digital currency easily and goals of this free currency distribution or multiple icon as :

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Determining the currency and bring a user to ensure the continuity of the project or currency and thank the member to keep track of and maintaining their project in their first steps.

The company distributes a number of lexems that can reach hundreds of dollars in codes, and among the most famous characters distributed among the participants we find

Ripple Rich Ribble currency is also determined, as well as STELAR lumens currency and many currencies and other characters.

What types of erdrop and how to take part?

There are many types of Airdrop and the road for free on encrypted digital currencies or codes, such as:

1. Registration on the official currency website?

This is the easiest way for the type and currency of the ARDROP method. The code is recommended to use your own email address for Errup and another password every time to avoid theft of personal data from quotation sites.

Get currency directly on a private bank.

This method is similar to the first addition to email. You must enter your digital currency on the site and currency. The company will be sent directly to the reduction. Often it is the ERC-20 currency and you need Ethereum Etherium.

And warning you do not register with two-currencies with exchange platforms, such as BitTrex, Kraken, Coinbase, and others, but register your responsibilities, and only you can get a currency. Official for Etheruum Etherium.

After entering the email address and the computing address will not only remain to be able to connect to currency or symbol on abbreviations.

Again, I advise you to use your own email address only to participate in the Erru campaign and do not make your secret key key for any side you ask for you.

2. Participation through social network sites.

Many companies ask new members to follow the company's official page on social networking sites and ask members to join their page whether on Facebook, Twiteer, others, and most companies ask you to join the telegram app to get your share of currency.

Airdrop type snapshot.

This type of Airdrop differs from the previous two methods to get the company's donor icons on it. Specific from the new currency.

For example, in order to increase understanding and as an example of the following company, we will give you 10 codes or a marker for each Iterium block belonging to your bank and ensure the balance of Eitirium coins one Eitirium, if the company provides X $ 10 codes.

The SnapShot process can be applied to the statement of the coin and can be applied to mortality or any other currency. Donor company decided.

To participate in this category Airdrop, you will be asked for your own recovery.

3. Calculate the Bitcointalk website.

This is one of the most famous ways to produce digital currencies. You must register on the universal and specially well-known forum in the chat and digital currencies. Symbols after performing some simple tasks as a comment of a donor or publish your address on your forum or change the signature.

Some donors have special requests to understand and apply.

Currencies through Airdrop Website Bitcointalk can win thousand dollars if you have an advanced account that quickly open an account on the Bitcointalk website and more than placement of comments and writing tasks to update your account.

other methods.

Other types of Airdrop are different and distinguished by methods, such as downloading the application of the store playback and other requests to respond to some questions and many other participants' tasks.