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Sheba currency, its definition, its price, its analysis and its future 2021

Sheba currency, its definition, its price, its analysis and its future 2021

The Shiba Inu, symbol SHIB, is a "joke" cryptocurrency that was originally launched for fun and ridicule before people took it seriously and took its price higher.

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The coin was launched about a year ago from China.

Chiba is one of the fast growing and rapidly developing cryptocurrencies.

Where these digital currencies appeared as a result of development and technological advancements, which also affected the field of currency, business and e-commerce.

Banking experts also expect that we will see a shift in the future from spot trading to cashless trading which deals with digital currencies for their role in facilitating e-commerce and more accurate market surveillance.

In our next article, we will learn more about Shaybah currency, how it came about, what is its marketing value and what are the advantages and disadvantages of encrypted digital currencies?

A cryptocurrency, nicknamed the killer DOGECOIN, which is not subject to official control and has no central bank that issues it.

It is a program written with a mathematical algorithm and which uses encryption techniques that make it difficult to hack and manipulate.

He debuted on August 2, 2020.

Musk's behavior could be characterized as betrayal as Shiba Inu is quite a rival to Dogecoin as it is of the same type and has the same attractive feature of a very low price which makes it easier to invest.

The name "Shiba Inu" is a large breed of dog, and it is the breed of dog that is currently emerging as a symbol of Dogecoin.

As usual, interpretations have run to the right and to the left, between those who say this name is just a joke of Elon Musk, like giving a dog a name, and between those who say that "Floki" is the name of a wonderful historical figure from "Vikings", which indicates the existence of an investment plan that Musk is working on. .

The digital currency SHIB appeared suddenly and quickly, and it emerged as an 

alternative to the digital currency "Dogecoin".

Shiba Coin

Yes, the two currencies compete together, not with the technical solutions proposed or the objectives set, but the one that capsizes the hearts of investors by showing the cutest dog of the "Shiba Inu" breed, which appears as a motto for the two.

Created as an experiment in building a decentralized automated community, SHIB is the first of many cryptocurrencies planned all under or related to the dog breed.

The "LEASH" coin is another coin that has been released, but in limited quantities, and its price has skyrocketed (according to CoinMarketCap), and it is estimated at the time of this writing to be $ 5,800 and this coin is described as a killer Dogecoin. Well, it looks like Dogecoin has a lot of enemies that promise to kill it.

In addition to the LEASH and SHIB digital currency, there is also the BONE coin which uses a dog bone as an emblem.

The "Shiba Inu" project promises to launch the decentralized "ShibaSwap" (DEX) exchange platform, and there is also a "technical document" detailing the team's plans, but so far this is not is just a promise on a website page.

The developers treat this amount as 'burnt' or taken off the market, which could increase the value of the coin still available for exchange, but the founder of Ethereum already has access to his acquired coins.

If much of this sounds silly or even illogical, you're probably not the only one thinking.

But Dogecoin was also considered a 'joke' cryptocurrency long before 2021 became its year and fans like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk became the star of the game.