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The new digital currency called "Internet Computer" (ICP) rose one day after its launch

The new digital currency called "Internet Computer" (ICP) rose one day after its launch

The new digital currency called “Internet Computer” (ICP) rose one day after its launch, with a market capitalization of about 45 billion US dollars.

The new digital currency "Internet Computer" that was launched on Monday has entered the adult world of the cryptocurrency world.

According to Bloomberg News, the coin "Internet Computer" became the eighth largest digital asset among the top ten CoinMarketCap in 24 hours.

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The agency added that the new digital currency and its associated digital ledger should be able to help anyone (including software developers or content creators) post whatever content they want online.

She went on to say that there is no need to go through big digital companies like Amazon or Facebook, nor to use commercial servers or cloud services.

The idea, according to Dominic Williams, founder of the project, is to avoid closed corporate walls and cut costs so users can build social media and other services that rival the internet giants.

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The coin’s core network uses smart contracts or software to perform tasks and competes with its largest competitor, Ethereum, to join several other coins and related networks, such as Balcadot and Binance, in an effort to steal ideas. and use it to their advantage.

The launch of Internet Computer for the first time coincided with discussions about several cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin to Dogecoin. From the dining table to the American comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” the price of many cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing. .

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is now $2.48 trillion, and it was just under $1 trillion at the beginning of this year.

But just like before 2017, the value of many alternative cryptocurrencies is likely to suddenly and disappointingly decline.