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Crypto Fight Club’s NFT 2.0 + Staking Launch Will Shine a Bright Light on the True Ideology of Crypto

The official Crypto Fight Club NFT and staking launch will take place on December 26th, 2021 at 10:00 am UTC

Crypto Fight Club ($FIGHT), an upcoming NFT game and staking protocol, is launching a decentralized time deposit product via NFTs on December 26th at 10:00 am UTC. Participants can earn APY and evolve their NFT fighters by storing $FIGHT tokens inside of their limited edition in-game characters. Their goal is to expose counterparty risk and bring power to the people’s hands, allowing users to understand and take full control of their own tokens… Whilst playing a super cool game with your new prizefighter.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The risks that come with trusting centralized central parties are very clear. There were more feats and catastrophic events that occurred, in 2021 than in any other year. As the retail market turns towards misleading hype and obvious deception, these users either shy away from the potential that cryptography brings, or learn from their mistakes that it brings and continue to research carefully. For some, this fact is easy to lose sight of when you are sitting on a pile of over a million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies actively increasing in value. until it disappears.

The official Crypto Fight Club NFT and staking launch will take place on December 26th, 2021 at 10:00 am UTC
Crypto Fight Club’s NFT 2.0 + Staking Launch Will Shine a Bright Light on the True Ideology of Crypto

Most 'DeFi' (Decentralized Finance) platforms advertise campaigns like trading events and betting programs to signal to the above mentioned participants with the aim of making a quick profit. It is clear as day; People trade their financial and electronic security for convenience in order to make money. Not to mention that most of these platforms contain a lot of personal information from KYC (know your customer) submissions. After experiencing these financial losses from the user's perspective, or even direct exposure to these risks, one must understand the basic sentiments of the original crypto ideology: not your keys, not your coins.

 As play-to-earn games continue to enter the market, one of the fighting games by NFT is looking to stand out from the rest: Crypto Fight Club. The former, to a detailed white page in the recent period. Now, the emerging game startup has completed a very successful initial, raising nearly $3 million from prestigious investment pools.

Crypto Fight Club Investors: Bringing the Team Closer

The Crypto Fight Club (CFC) appears to be in a good position to take a stake to contribute to the competition for profit, especially after the last initial fundraiser. CFC has raised $2,775,000 from investors including Shima Capital, GenBlock Ventures & D12, AU21, x21, Everse Capital and The Ring.

Blockchain investment firm Shima Capital has lined up support for the Crypto Fight Club, helping the address with anything from human resources to major crypto communications, and everything in between.

This GenesisBlock Ventures D12 has contributed $2 billion in capital to the blockchain market, and has crafted a top-level investment team. The partner will help lead the way in the marketing and other key project objectives of the CFC. Everse Capital will also provide marketing support, acting as a strategic advisor to CFC.

AU21, External Telecommunications Networks, Objects associated with a Telecommunications Network. X21 will also help in wholesale, especially those trading companies.

One fighter supported by a wider team

It takes a village to raise a successful fighter, and that's exactly what CFC is made of. The aforementioned core investors are joining the growing ranks of CFC's collaborators, including the likes of Click.Blue, MohrWolfe and Gamestarter.

Click.Blue works in tandem with CFC to help build a clean and concise web design for a clean UI and user experience for the CFC platform. MohrWolfe helps lead marketing, business development and blockchain development activities for the title. The MohrWolfe team is credited with being the lead facilitator in creating the latest initial funding round. Finally, Gamestarter, one of the largest NFT game launchers in the business, brought the CFC team unique expertise in marketing, game development and fundraising for the IGO public round. Gamestarter will lead the public fundraising round and serve as the first launch pad for this title.

CFC is rapidly gaining ground as a pay-per-play title to watch, with a roadmap that includes a custom FIGHT platform token, unique and in-depth fighter attributes, and staking capabilities for platform token holders.

Remember that the first rule of Crypto Fight Club is that you always talk about Crypto Fight Club. Ahead of the massive NFT sales launch on December 26, there are plenty of combat enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and gamers alike. Stay tuned for what's new at