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Ubisoft Breaks into the World of Cryptocurrency and NFT Games with Ubisoft Quartz

Ubisoft jumps into blockchain gaming with new 'playable' NFTs

Ubisoft has announced its first foray into the world of cryptocurrency blockchain and NFTs, a system dubbed Ubisoft Quartz that will offer limited-edition cosmetic items for the company's games that can then be resold in third-party cryptocurrency markets.

Ubisoft NFTs, called 'Digits', launch for in-game items

The French publisher announced its intention to launch the new system in a beta phase on December 9, by introducing these cosmetic items for the first time in the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the NFT elements provided by the Ubisoft Quartz system are called Digit, and each of them is a limited edition of cosmetic elements within the game.

Ubisoft Breaks into the World of Cryptocurrency and NFT Games with Ubisoft Quartz
Ubisoft Breaks into the World of Cryptocurrency and NFT Games with Ubisoft Quartz

Each item has a "unique" number with a serial number that will be visible to players, for example, a gun may have a visible number on the weapon safe, or a helmet will have a visible number on its rim, and the names of users who own those items will be added to the official metadata, creating Each player has a property record of the NFT, and these items will also come with a video showing the item being used in-game.

The company plans to release three items starting from December 9, and they will be available to players for free with the need to obtain them in a limited period of time, and players must meet certain criteria to be eligible to obtain those items, as the gun requires that you have reached the fifth level in terms of experience points. (XP) In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, shorts require at least 100 hours of play, and helmet at least 600 hours.

This approach aims to ensure that real players have access to these items and not those who are just looking to use them to trade in third party marketplaces. You are over 18, and the Ubisoft Quartz beta is available in select regions including Canada, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Australia.

A popular Twitter thread from a game designer on the topic, which argues that NFTs are “harmful to games” and that things “have not been made easier or better by building them with NFTs and blockchain technology,” has been retweeted thousands of times.

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It has also been proven that trading cosmetic items for real money works without blockchain technology - by Steam, which released a system for buying and selling in-game skins in 2012.

But Ubisoft said its NFT system is a first step toward "developing a true metaverse". The concept of the metaverse sometimes includes the idea of ​​transferring digitally owned items between different digital worlds. Some enthusiasts believe that NFTs offer a clear mechanism for doing this.

“Our long-term efforts have led us to understand how a decentralized blockchain approach can actually make players stakeholders in our games, in a way that is also sustainable for our industry, while putting the value they generate back into their hands through the time they spend, the items they purchase or the content they create online.” .